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One day, I will walk city streets at night, stargaze from every angle, dip my toes into
various edges of the ocean and leave without a trace. 17y/o

I’ve never minded being alone, even when people surrounded me. Life is not defined by how many friends you have on Facebook or how many contacts you have in your phone. Your personality is not reflected by who is there and who isn’t. For that reason, I never cared who came and went. Loneliness has never been an issue to me. I’ve learned that the people you trust and love most, may someday be gone. However, I’ve also learned that loneliness and emptiness are two very different things. Loneliness I can deal with. Emptiness cannot be explained. 

Funny when the people you think are the closest to you are completely oblivious as to how you’re feeling lmao.

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